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8 Expert Tips on How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

how to hide weed smell

Weed lovers often have a hard time getting rid of and hiding the smell of weed. And this can be a major bummer for those of us who want to keep our smoking on the DL. To us, the smell of weed is probably the best thing ever; however, not everyone shares this enthusiasm. This is why it is important to know how to hide the smell of weed.

Luckily, there are ways to get rid of or mask the scent, so no one will ever suspect that you just took a hit from a blunt. In this article, we'll go over eight expert tips on how to hide the weed smell before and after smoking.

Hiding the Smell of Weed Before Smoking

Hiding the smell of weed before smoking

Here are a few ways to hide the smell of weed before smoking:

1. Make a Sploof

A sploof is a device you can make at home to hide weed smell. All you need is a toilet paper tube, some dryer sheets, and scissors.

First, cut the toilet paper tube in half and put one dryer sheet inside each half. Then twist the top of the tube so that the dryer sheets are sticking out. You can then exhale into the Sploof. This will help mask the smell of weed during a smoking sesh.

2. Use Incense

If you don't want to make a Sploof, you can always use incense to cover up the smell of weed. Just make sure you get milder fragrances like Vanilla or lavender. These scents won't choke you and are pleasant.

3. Smoke In The Bathroom

If you're smoking in your home, the best place to do it is in the bathroom. The tile and porcelain surfaces will help absorb the smell of weed. Also, make sure to close the door so that no one can smell it from outside. You can also smoke in the shower to further cover up the smell.

Pro tip: Put a towel under the door so that smoke doesn't escape into other parts of the house.

4. Vape

Vaping is a great way to get rid of the smell of weed. Vape pens come with their own unique scent that usually overpowers any residual marijuana odor left on your clothes or hands after vaping. In fact, most people can't even tell you vaped if they tried.

5. Proper Ventilation

This tip is obvious but often overlooked. If you're smoking inside a home or apartment with poor ventilation, the smell of weed will linger for a long time. Make sure to open up some windows and use fans to get rid of any smoke in the air after finishing your hit.

Hiding the Smell of Weed After Smoking

hiding the smell of weed after smoking

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of and hide weed smells after smoking:

6. Plan Ahead of time

If you plan to smoke weed right before going out, make sure where you're headed won't require you to interact with others. For example, if you have a job interview that day, it would probably be best not to smoke beforehand. This leaves zero chance for the interviewer to smell weed on your clothes or hair during the meeting.

Also, take into consideration any plans afterwards, such as dinner with family members who don't like the smell of weed. You can also plan ahead by avoiding certain activities for 24 hours after smoking weed, like running errands or attending events in public places (unless they are cannabis-friendly).

7. Soak Up Some sun

If you're going to be hanging around outside for a while after smoking, try and do it in direct sunlight. The sun's UV rays will help break down the molecules that create the smell of weed.

Just make sure not to stay in direct sunlight for too long, or you might end up getting a nasty sunburn

8. Protect Your Hair

If you don't want the smell of weed to linger in your hair, try using a product called "Smoke Odor Exterminator." It's a spray that can be used on both wet and dry hair to help eliminate any smoke or marijuana smells. You can buy it at most drug stores or online.

If you have long hair, you can also wear a hat or use a hair tie to keep your hair away from the smoke.

There are many options at disposal for those looking to hide or get rid of weed smells. So experiment with the different methods above until you find one that works best for you!

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