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How to Buy Weed in DC in 2021 [Guide to Getting Free Weed Gifts]

weed in dc

Getting weed in DC can often be classified as an extreme sport. Compared to other places in the US where weed is legal, DC law enforcement can seem like they are out to get you whenever weed is mentioned!

This is mainly because the weed laws in DC are very strict and often neglected by DC residents who just want to get their hands on quick weed. This guide will discuss DC's weed laws and explain how to get weed in DC and free weed gifts in the DMV area.

Weed Laws 101: What to Know Before Buying Weed in Washington DC

The weed laws in DC are super weird. Weed is legal, but you can't buy it or smoke outside? That's borderline crazy. However, these crazy laws have not stopped the good people of DC from acquiring weed. The key is to understand how the laws operate and how to bypass them legally.

Is Weed Legal in DC?

Absolutely! Weed is now legal in DC thanks to a voter-approved bill known as initiative 71. Initiative 71 or I71 is the primary legislation that monitors weed and marijuana use in DC.

Initiative 71 DC Laws

Here are some of the laws set by I71 that you should know about;

  • You must be 21 years or older to possess weed in DC.

  • Operating a vehicle while high will get you arrested. It's also classified as a DUI charge.

  • Smoking cannabis on government property is strictly prohibited, and you can get in a lot of trouble if caught doing so. Smoking in public places is also not allowed. You can only smoke on private property.

  • Weed can only be gifted in DC, not sold.

  • Individuals of age can possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to three mature marijuana plants in their homes.

  • Individuals are allowed to transfer up to one ounce of marijuana plants to another person.

Are There Recreational Dispensaries in DC?

Unfortunately, there are no recreational dispensaries in DC; there are only medical ones. Medical dispensaries are the only stores allowed to sell weed in DC. However, it is usually hard to get weed from dispensaries; this is why most people opt for initiative 71 compliant smoke shops.

Do I Need a Medical Marijuana Card?

In DC, Dispensaries are strictly medical. That is, they only sell weed to patients with medical conditions. This is why patients who want to get weed in DC need to present a medical marijuana card. A medical marijuana card helps dispensaries identify your medical condition and whether you are eligible for medical cannabis.

Getting a medical marijuana card is a lengthy process. First off, you will need to get in touch with a licensed medical practitioner to determine whether you have a medical condition that can be treated with medical marijuana. If you qualify, you will be asked to register and given a unique identification number.

Depending on which region you're located in, you may have to register with the health department. After the registration process is complete, your medical marijuana card will be mailed to you in 30 days. A medical marijuana card usually costs $100, so, yes, it's pretty pricey.

It is important to mention, you do NOT need a medical marijuana card to visit Initiative 71 shops like The Green Room. I71 Shops like ours offer free weed gifts to anyone 21+ with a state-issued ID with an eligible CBD purchase.

Do I Need to be a DC Resident?

No, you don't. As a tourist, you will follow the same process a regular DC resident would when getting weed. This means that all the DC weed laws still apply to you, so you can get fined or arrested when you break them. We will discuss the process of getting weed in DC later on in this article.

Can I Get in Trouble for Smoking in Public or on Federal Property?

where can I smoke in washington DC

Yes, you can. Smoking in public or on federal property is against the law and can get you in a lot of trouble. And seeing as the 29% of DC land is owned by the government, it is highly recommended to check your location before lighting up for a smoke.

You can't smoke in public places like parks, playgrounds, and malls. Even smoking in your car is illegal. So the best and most comfortable place to smoke in DC is your own home or private property.

How to Get Free Weed Gifts in DC

This section discusses the steps involved in getting free cannabis gifts in DC. There are a lot of weed stores in the district, and finding the right one is tough work. We hope this helps;

1. Find a High-Quality Smoke Shop

How to buy weed in DC

As stated earlier, there are tons of cannabis stores in DC. So the question now is, 'how do you spot a good one?" Well, one defining feature of a good smoke shop is that they follow all the laws set by the government, i.e., they are I71 compliant. Asides from this, make sure they offer a variety of premium cannabis goodies and products. Lastly, stores like ours often have a user-friendly website and are highly reviewed online.

2. Make Sure You Cannot Purchase Cannabis There

Once you have found a smoke shop that meets all the requirements above, find out if they sell weed. If they do, do not patronize them because that's against the law.

No smoke shop in DC sells weed. As a matter of fact, any smoke shop that sells you weed in DC is doing it illegally. So stay away from any “DC dispensary” selling weed NOT gifting it. The only way to get weed in DC is to acquire it as a gift.

3. Purchase an Item to Receive Free Pre Rolls, Edibles, Flowers, & More.

get free weed in DC

Usually, most stores offer other non-cannabis-related items such as artwork or donations. Once you purchase any of these, you will be given a complementary weed gift as a token of appreciation. At The Green Room, with every eligible CBD purchase – you’ll receive a free weed gift of your choice. Choose from a variety of premium flowers, edibles, concentrates, & more.

Visiting the Nation's Capital #1 Initiative 71 Shop

Finding a good smoke shop in DC can be frustrating. Luckily for you, the team at The Green Room has worked tirelessly to ensure that our CBD and I71 shop meets all the requirements established by the government.

The Green Room

the green room dc reviews

The Green Room is an ultra-modern CBD and Initiative 71 shop located in the DC’s historic U Street corridor. We only offer premium quality cannabis gifts and ensure that we follow all the rules set by the government. We are also initiative 71 compliant and give free weed gifts! Did we mention that our customers absolutely love us? Here are some verified Google reviews:

"Good products with decent prices. Knowledgeable people but the service was TOP friendly. Like seriously, I was welcomed several times, thanked for being a client, etc. I was impressed. The store looks clean and the decor is cool, with foliage on the walls."

"By far my favorite dispensary! The employees are super friendly and are very knowledgeable. They have great products and rewards for regular customers. Definitely a place to check out when in the city."

Looking to get FREE Weed Gifts in Washington DC? Visit The Green Room on 11th & U Street. See our Online Menu to see what gifts are in stock. Have questions about Initiative 71 or getting weed in DC? Call (202) 817-8021 to speak to one of our Green Experts today.

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