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#1 Head Shop in Washington DC [Get Free Weed Gifts]

head shops in dc

Washington DC is home to a lot of head shops, all claiming to be #1. But what does it really mean to be one of the best head shops in DC? Asides from providing the D.C. cannabis community with weed accessories, head shops in DC must meet a load of other requirements set by the government.

This guide talks about how head shops in Washington DC operate, the requirements they must meet, and where to find the best head shop in D.C.

Head Shops Vs. Dispensaries

A head shop is a store that offers marijuana products and accessories. These might include flowers, edibles, bongs, blunt wraps, and a ton of other dope goodies. On the other hand, DC dispensaries are kind of like establishments that only sell medical marijuana. Yes, that's a bummer. However, there is still a way to get your hands on recreational weed in DC. (So stick around)

Medical cannabis usually comprises CBD-only products. And this is why head shops were created. To help bypass some of the weird laws set by the D.C. government concerning the use of weed.

What are Initiative 71 Shops?

Washington DC initiative 71 compliant shops

First of all, what is initiative 71? Initiative 71 was a Washington, D.C. voter-approved ballot initiative that legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, what are initiative 71 compliant shops? Simply put, these are shops that follow all rules set by the law and the good people of Washington DC.

One of the laws under Initiative 71 states that recreational weed can only be gifted in D.C., not sold. So one good way to spot illegal head shops is by finding out if they sell weed for money. If they do, don't patronize them.

How to Spot a Good Head Shop

There are a lot of head shops in D.C. that claim to meet the requirements set by the law. However, most of these head shops often fail to meet most of the conditions set by the government.

Below we list and discuss requirements every head shop in D.C. must meet before they can gift weed to residents in the district.

They Have Trusted Verified Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Good head shops usually have at least a four-star rating on Google Reviews. Asides from this, look for reviews from other sources that talk about the product and customer service quality from any particular. This should give you a feel of what you should expect when you visit.

They Have Premium High-Quality Marijuana Gifts

Premium High Quality Marijuana Gifts

What's their gift menu like? Do they gift stale or bad quality marijuana? Do they offer top-of-the-line cannabis products? If the answer to the latter is yes, then you've found yourself a good head shop – most likely The Green Room.

They Have Convenient In-Store Shopping or Online Menu

Getting weed from your favorite head shop shouldn't always have to be a stressful experience. And this is why we recommend that you find a head shop with a good walk-in store that meets all security requirements and is organized. It’s also good for a head shop to have an online menu where you can see what marijuana gifts are in stock!

#1 Head Shop In DC

The number one head shop in DC should meet all the requirements listed above and more. By more, we mean giving you a unique customer experience you can find nowhere else in D.C. And this is what the team at The Green Room strives to accomplish!

The Green Room is a contemporary CBD and Initiative 71 compliant head shop located in D.C.'s historic U Street corridor. We only offer top-quality cannabis gifts and ensure that we abide by all the rules set by the law. And did we mention that our customers love us? Here are some verified Google reviews:

"In my experience, the staff at the Green Room have been knowledgeable and accommodating. The Green Room sells products of the highest quality. In addition, they offer a free rewards program. I would go back again anytime. Thank you for everything you all do!"

"The Green Room is my absolute go-to shop in D.C. Such a friendly staff who are always so helpful in recommending menu items to exactly what you're looking for. I always find they have quality products and great deals. Definitely recommend visiting and bringing friends along too!"

How To Get Free Weed Gifts From The Green Room

You can get free THC weed gifts from our head shop when you purchase a CBD product from our menu.

Note: We only accept orders daily from 10 am-7:30 pm. You can see our online gift menu here.

Looking to get FREE Weed Gifts in Washington DC? Visit The Green Room on 11th & U Street. See our Online Menu to see what gifts are in stock. Have questions about Initiative 71 or getting weed in D.C.? Call (202) 817-8021 to speak to one of our Green Experts today.

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