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Is Weed Legal In DC? [Facts On DC Weed Laws]

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

dc weed laws

It's been nearly eight years since DC residents overwhelmingly approved the use of recreational weed in the capital. And since then, several DC weed laws have been put in place to help monitor the distribution of weed across the district.

These laws often make it hard for weed lovers in the capital to acquire weed. However, there is a way to bypass these laws legally. And for you to do that, you have to understand how DC weed laws work.

And this is why we have curated this insightful piece for you. You're not only going to know about your weed laws but also how to enjoy weed in DC while still being a law-abiding citizen.

Is Marijuana Legal in DC?

Yes, weed is legal in DC. But in reality, it's not just a simple yes or no question. People still get in messy situations because they know nothing about buying weed in DC.

As stated earlier, several laws make it hard for newbies to get weed in DC. We will jump right into them in the next section.

What is Initiative 71?

Initiative 71 was a ballot measure that approved the use of marijuana in Washington DC for recreational purposes. This vote was held on the 4th of November 2014 and ended with 64% of voters approving the initiative. However, the initiative took full effect on the 26th of February 2015.

With the success of Initiative 71, DC residents were allowed to use and possess marijuana for recreational purposes. However, there was still a catch; recreational weed could not be sold anywhere in the district.

This problem still persists today and has left many cannabis lovers pondering, "If you can't buy weed in DC, how are we supposed to get it?" The fix is pretty simple. You can find many services in DC that will gift you marijuana for, let's say, a donation.

what is initiative 71

Where Can I Smoke Weed in DC?

In DC, you are not allowed to smoke weed in public. This means that places such as parks, restaurants, concerts, campsites, or bars are strictly off-limits.

Asides from this, it is illegal to smoke or possess weed on federal property. This can be a bit tricky, seeing as DC is roughly 29% of federal land. So we recommend that you watch out for signs that indicate you are on federal property.

But if you are not allowed to smoke in public, then where can you smoke? Well, the law permits you to smoke on private property. So, basically, smoking is allowed only from the comfort of your own home.

How to Buy Weed in DC

Now that you know the basics of DC weed laws let's talk about where to get weed in the District. Fortunately, getting weed in DC is relatively easy! Below, you will find the safest ways to get cannabis in DC;

For Medical Marijuana: Visit a Dispensary

Unlike other regions in the US where weed is legal, there are no recreational dispensaries in DC. Dispensaries in DC only sell medical weed. So only patients that have received a medical marijuana card from the state can buy and have access to medical marijuana.

A medical marijuana card is like an ID card that allows access to a medical dispensary. But the fact is that a medical marijuana card often takes weeks to get. And this is why most DC residents opt for the recreational marijuana route.

Another downside to medical marijuana is that it is primarily CBD-based. So unlike recreational marijuana, which contains the psychoactive THC, medical marijuana won't make you high.

how to buy weed in dc

For Recreational Weed: Get Free Weed from an Initiative 71 Shop

Initiative 71 compliant shops are stores that offer marijuana products to their customers as free gifts for buying an item from their store. These items might be art pieces, clothing, or even special CBD purchases.

However, a good number of smoke shops in DC tend to violate the laws, so we recommend you visit a reliable shop. Reliable smoke shops like The Green Room are ones that comply with DC weed laws, offer free high-quality cannabis gifts, and have great reviews from their customers.

Let's discuss the step by step process to getting i-71 gifts in DC below.

How to Order from The Green Room

The Green Room is DC's go-to initiative 71 shops. We are located in DC's historic U Street corridor and offer the best weed you can find across the district. Being an I71 shop also means under initiative 71, we are able to give free weed gifts to both DC residents & tourists (no medical card needed)! All you need is a 21+ state-issued ID and cash payment.

We offer 3 different methods of ordering:

Here's how to get free weed gifts:

  1. Select your FREE weed gift

  2. Purchase an eligible CBD product

And did we mention that our customers absolutely love us? Here are some verified Google reviews:

"This place is awesome! Very convenient, 1 block from the U street Metro stop. Great menu selection. Helpful and respectful employees every visit. You can also get a free pre-roll after 5 visits. It closes at a reasonable time so if you need a quick pick up, this is the place to go."

free weed gifts at the green room

"The Green Room is my absolute go to shop in DC. Such a friendly staff who are always so helpful in recommending menu items to exactly what you're looking for. I always find they have quality products and great deals. Definitely recommend visiting and bringing friends along too!"

Looking to get FREE Weed Gifts in Washington DC? Visit The Green Room on 11th & U Street. See our Online Menu to see what gifts are in stock. Have questions about Initiative 71 or getting weed in DC? Call (202) 817-8021 to speak to one of our Green Experts today.

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